Five Ways Bigdata Training Can Improve Your Business:

Well, Big Data is hard to define clearly but it’s a Data in large Volume which is used for analyst purpose. In 2001, Doug Laney Defined it in “The 3 Vs” that is Volume, Velocity & Variety. In Simple Words, If you are using Internet and surfing anything, so that you are using Big Data Applications. So in this Article, I’m going to tell you the Five Best Ways of Big Data Training which can improve your Business:

1.Banking – Nowadays every business must have Banking & accounting. To get satisfying the Customer & also to avoid Fraud, Big Data can helps your business a lot.

2.Health Care – Big Data can help in Hospitals, Nursing Homes in every way. From maintaining every patient records, prescription details to treatment plans it will definitely work. Because at hospitals everything needs to be so accurate and properly managed.

3.Retail – If your Business is in Retail Sector, then the main thing which you have to proper maintain is Customer Relationship. Everything from Records to handle all type of Transactions Big Data is mandatory for smooth running of your business.

4.Manufacturing – In Today’s Competitive World, more manufacturing industries are coming up and process wise it’s hard to manage all these things. So Big Data can help your manufacturing business so fast via data insights.

5.Education – In Education Sector, Big Data Applications is the first thing every business Person should do. In Colleges, Schools & Training Institutions managing and handling the Students & their curriculums is a little bit hard. So Using Big Data, the institution can keep eye on every students that whether they are performing well in various aspects or not.

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Skills That You Can Learn From Bigdata Training:

Have Confused about Big Data whether to choose or not? Don’t Worry, in this article, I am going to tell you the different skills that you can learn from Big Data Training

1.Programming – As every IT professional can tell you, if you know one language well, you can easily pick up the rest. Hands on experience with these languages and programming will help in your learning effort. After Learning Big Data, I’ll ensure it will take your programming level to another level.

2.Quantitative Skills – By Learning this, you’ll get to know multivariable calculus and linear and matrix algebra. You will also need to know probability and statistics. It will make you strong in Numerical analysis.

3.Different Technologies – The Important thing is you will learn Multiple Technologies in Big Data and also you will work on different variants.

4.Knowledge of Business & its Impact – You will get to know knowledge of different business and its effect on the market also. But, outsiders could not realize the transformation that was possible. It took industry expertise and connections to usher in the era of digital publishing.

5.Cannotation Of Data – Big Data helps you a lot in understanding the Company’s Data. Because many of the employees don’t even know the complete knowledge of Company’s Data.

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5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Bigdata Training:

Today’s World is full of Big Data, Big Data & Big Data. From Internet to Every Organization, Everything is working on Big Data Applications. So here are the 5 awesome things you will learn in Big Data Learning:

1.Optimize Your Business Operations – Every Business is so Important and there should be force which must accelerate the company’s growth gradually.

2.Make Faster Decisions – Big Data is making everything so quickly & accurately. It is having ability to deliver the results in fraction of time.

3.Increment in Quality of Services – Big Data gives better analysis, better data and faster processing.

4.Deliver relevant communications – Smart Marketers will know everything about us. We are getting information from Television, Newspapers, PCs, Smartphones anytime and anywhere. As we are moving towards mobile payments so the thing should be accurate, so the Big Data is behind this operation to get all calculations accurately.

5.Making Every Technology possible – Big Data is doing every services and technologies possible which was never possible before. Everything is going Digital. The more services you are imaging, the more services you will provide to customers in future.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Big Data:

Big Data is still unknown to many people. There are many Misconceptions about Big Data, even many professionals ain’t aware of this. In this Article, I am going to tell you the top 5 common Misconceptions about Big Data:

1.Big Data always gives the Right Answer – This is the popular misconception about Big Data. Even if you are using the analytical applications from different sources then also everytime Big Data will not gives the right answers.

2.Big Data always do Technology Changes – Big Data will not always lead to revolutionary changes. This Technology can only help the users to gain insights and analytics, rest is depend on the user how he uses this technology.

3.Big Data is always Valueable – Data has itself no value. To get the value you must sort, process and arrange the data. This is the main reason Big Data is in Boom today.

4.Big Data is only for Multi National Companies (MNCs) – This one is also one of the common misconceptions about Big Data. Big Data technologies and its applications is not expensive. So it is not just discovered for top companies, every company can use it even Small Scale Companies & Business.

5.Large Size is Always Good - Always the bigger size is not better. Although when your dealing with small amount of data then its easy to deal with it, but sometimes when there is Data in large volume, you first have to sort, analyse and then arrange it.

Did you ever think how youtube is suggesting your favourite track, one by one? Big Data is everywhere.

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Hadoop:

Whenever someone is talking about Big Data then at a time, everyone is discussing about hadoop, hadoop & hadoop. Some people have cleared out their doubt, some have still didn’t & some even don’t know what actually this technology is. So in this Article I am going to tell, what exactly hadoop is and the reason, it is in Boom

Well, first let’s understand, what is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a Platform which is used for analyzing and storing very large data sets. Hadoop contains four modules

a.Hadoop Common


c.Map Reduce


These modules are made so together, which makes Hadoop so well. It’s an Open Source Platform which allows a lot of Apache Projects and 3rd Party tools.

Storing and analyzing the data is good thing, but what is the thing that makes hadoop so trendy? Hadoop have many core projects, due to which Hadoop becomes like a ecosystem. An ecosystem which is used for storing and analyzing the data. Although Hadoop is tool but you can’t use for everything.

Should You Learn Hadoop ?

Yes, Why not, As Above I told you, it is like a ecosystem. Many Large Scale Projects uses Hadoop to get it done accurately and don’t forget that most of the technologies are Free, so you can do it easily.

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